3 Chicken Coops That You Wish You Had At Home!

2 storey chicken coop

Chicken coops of all designs and sizes exist. You might have seen your neighbor’s 2 storey chicken coop and have wondered how much it cost to actually build such a huge chicken coop. The truth is, building a chicken coop is actually easier than ever, as long as you have a set of chicken coop plans to follow.

The most extensive coop plans will come with detailed instructions on the tools, materials and steps to follow. Here are some of the best coop designs we have come across.¬†Personally though, since I’m a veteran of building coops of my own, I have begun to come up with my own designs. Feel free to check them out below.

Now, you should know exactly what you’re seeking to get from keeping chickens. Both your eggs and meat resources could be preserved when you conserve a proper routine. For people who anticipate generating chicken eggs of a better standard, mixing up as well as breeding chickens will probably be needed. Prior to buying your chickens, you ought to have organized all of these out effectively. Although it will probably be within the fascination of many chicken owners to branch out their chicken breeds, some of the chickens will never get on with one another and as such fights may break out.

You might like to think about raising your chickens completely from scratch as opposed to acquiring grown-up ones right away. To hatch your eggs, an activity referred to as incubation is necessary. When possible, try to buy an incubator.

Multiple other elements have to be contemplated as well. The overall climate of the area ought to be an essential concern. Your chickens may potentially become ill in the event this isn’t managed effectively. An unhealthy flock could cost you a ton if left uncontrolled. An initial splitting up period of time is going to be ideal to avoid any probable distribution of disorders from the new chickens for your existing flock. Having a handful of infected chickens combined into the current flock can be very hazardous.

One of the primary factors to consider to take into account right here is definitely the part where you build your chickens a coop. Your chicken coop needs to be aired consistently by means of suitable ventilation.

chicken coop ventilation

A ventilation system for a chicken coop is necessary to prevent the stench from getting trapped in the coop.

This is essential if you ever want to breed healthy chickens and create premium quality eggs. The water from the rain or even the feeding location will cause frequent messes so you might need to wash it out frequently. Sufficient air flow coupled with constant cleaning should keep your chicken coop free from any nasty smell. Preferably, you ought to prevent a disorganized condition in your chicken coop by covering the ground with numerous straw or perhaps pine shavings.

If you wish to have your chickens lay their eggs consistently, you should think about assigning a nesting container for each one. Chicken eggs are really delicate and so the slightest impact could harm them.

One more thing you must look out for in particular would be predators. Hardware cloth is a preferred substitute for chicken wire in terms of supplying security. Lining your coop with hardware cloth is the best safeguard against potential predators.

Apart from food, you must conserve a source of fresh water for the chickens. If you can, always keep these supplies outdoors in open air as opposed to placing them inside the coop or they may get polluted from the feathers and excrement. Health problems will most commonly spread in coops that are filthy and untidy. You have the choice of purchasing a chicken coop immediately or constructing your very own. Provided that you can get a hold of a set of illustrative manuals or plans, constructing a chicken coop will be a somewhat straightforward course of action.